Speaker: Michael Eselun


Michael Eselun, UCLA oncology chaplain and popular guest speaker, will explore those liminal spaces in which we sometimes find ourselves on life’s mysterious journey— thresholds that are neither one reality or another, and yet may open a path to our deepest truths.  Possibly even the sacred. Worship … read more.

What Matters?

Order of Service

Moving together through these challenging times, we find ourselves, perhaps on a daily basis, reassessing our priorities. UCLA Oncology Chaplain and popular guest speaker, Michael Eselun, will share reflections on the question, “What Matters?” Worship Associate: Jeanne De … read more.

Perfect Strangers

Popular guest speaker and UCLA Oncology Chaplain, Michael Eselun, will explore our relationship to strangers. We are often told from a young age, “Don’t talk to strangers,” only to find that sometimes such encounters might be “perfect.” Worship Associate: Jorie Schulz