Speaker: Kai Marks

A Good Time for an Epiphany

Epiphanic moments connect us to the sacred and infuse us with hope. Whether you’re just curious or craving illumination, join guest speaker Kai Marks and the UUSM congregation as we explore why now is a good time for an epiphany.
Note: Kai gave a sermon on … read more.

A Good Time for an Epiphany

00:00 REFLECTION: John Hanju Kim
05:04 SERMON: Kai Marks

Order of Service

Perhaps you’ve heard that saying; “Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present.” Perhaps you’ve had a recent epiphany–a moment in which you … read more.

The Next Right Thing

As we end one year and prepare to begin another, it’s time to explore those things that fill us with awe and wonder–even in the darkest of times. “The next right thing” is the place where heaven and earth meet–and where hope and faith … read more.

A Million Dreams

Inspiration and acts of creation begin with one dream for something that is yet to be. Emily Dickinson encouraged readers to “dwell in possibility” because building a home or a life or a world that matters is something anyone can do. Join us as we … read more.

Walk Me Home

Ram Dass said, “We’re all just walking each other home.” When so much seems to be going wrong in the outside world, it helps to know where to turn for inspiration. This is part one of a two-part service. Worship Associate: Kate Hand.

Walk Me Home

Turning The Page

Although retaining joy and inspiration in times of darkness may feel like a challenge, join us as we explore how to move forward into the new year–out of the night and toward the light–embracing change with faith, hope, love and courage. Worship Associate: Joanne McMahon

Touched by the Sun

Touched by the Sun. Worship Associate: Kate Hand

The end of the year is a powerful time to reflect on the past and to chart a course for our future  that includes realizing dreams long held and for bringing innovative ideas and light into the world. … read more.