Speaker: Ed Vaughan

Gratitude – Pass It On

00:00 REFLECTION: Ed Vaughan

Order of Service

What went wrong with Thanksgiving after October, 1621, in Massachusetts ? What are the many sources within our culture that enrich our lives? How do we personally experience love in our lives that helps us pass … read more.

Getting to Know You

00:00 TIME FOR ALL AGES: Ed Vaughan
01:43 REFLECTION: Hanju Kim
05:06 SERMON: Ed Vaughan

Order of Service

Why is it sometimes so hard to get to know others? Why are our habitual ways of behaving a part of the problem when others feel uncomfortable? … read more.

People, Pelf, and Power

00:00 TIME FOR ALL AGES: Ed Vaughan
01:51 REFLECTION: Hanju Kim
07:00 SERMON: “People, Pelf, and Power” – Ed Vaughan

Order of Service

Can our economy have a moral compass? Our theme for June has been “delight”, but we acknowledge that all too often it … read more.

Modern Day Jonahs

Worship Associate: Kaye Bonney. The book of Jonah is the most misunderstood and most humorous book in the bible. We will revisit the story of Jonah to explore how we “modern humans” share the same problems as people did 2400 years ago in Palestine.

Track … read more.