Speaker: Chris DeCardy

What Does Beauty Help Us Hear?

00:00 REFLECTION/READING: Barbie Laderman-Jones04:18 REFLECTION/READING: Bonnie Miller08:04 REFLECTION/READING: Lee Rossi12:57 REFLECTION/READING: Joyce Porter16:04 REFLECTION/READING: Amy French20:08 SERMON: “Beauty and Wisdom” Chris DeCardy Order of Service People and societies across cultures and time have always considered the concept of beauty – appreciating it, creating it, nurturing it. The transcendentalists among others saw one kind of beauty, … Continue reading What Does Beauty Help Us Hear?

Gathering of the Waters

Order of Service Please join Chris DeCardy and Kathy Warne in this traditional service. If you would like to participate in the Gathering of the Waters ceremony, put a little of the water that is special to you, in a sealed container and label the container with your name. (This water may symbolize a place or … Continue reading Gathering of the Waters