Share the Plate with Upward Scholars on June 18

Imagine arriving in the US as an adult immigrant to make a better life for yourself and your family – but you don’t speak English.  You get stuck in a low-wage job (or even multiple jobs) without much opportunity to advance. When you enroll at the adult school, your English skills improve, but books and transportation are expensive and it’s challenging to complete your homework without a computer.  How will you continue taking classes so you can achieve your goals?

This is where Upward Scholars comes in, providing adult immigrants from low-income households the boost they need up the economic ladder:

1)    Financial support – such as textbooks, transportation cards, parking passes, and grocery cards

2)    Academic support – including laptops and volunteer tutors to assist with homework, language practices, and effective study habbits

3)    Career support – career development programs empower students to access better jobs with higher pay

4)    Holistic support – one-on-one and group support sessions with a counselor

UUFRC has many connections with Upward Scholars. Two of us (Beth Harrison and Erika Pretell) serve on the board of directors, and Nancy Goodban is on the board of advisors.  Many members volunteer as tutors or conversation club, hire a student as an Habla Más Spanish coach, or attend Conversation Club events throughout the year.  It means a lot for students to know that caring community members are on their side.  For more information, visit

Donations can be made from the Friday before the service through the Tuesday following the service, using PayPal link and writing “Share the Plate” in the memo line. On the Sunday of the collection, all donations, unless otherwise specified, go to Share the Plate.