Share the Plate with ReEvolution on Sunday, May 19

On Sunday, May 19th, we will have the opportunity to support the powerful and selfless work of the ReEvolution Group.

ReEvolution creates solutions to generations of harm and inequity. 
Initiatives to reduce incarceration, heal harm and build communities.

Our mission is to facilitate a circle of intergenerational healing and support to reduce the risk of incarceration and recidivism.

ReEvolution, co-founded by Paul Bocanerga, is a nonprofit that provides wrap around services to youth in the community, incarcerated youth, & formerly incarcerated juveniles who are now adults, and their families.  We provide mentorship, guidance and resources that target food and employment insecurities and homelessness.  ReEvolution partners with other organizations in the community, such as UUFRC, to make sure our youth have a fair and compassionate shot at transitioning into adulthood as healthy productive community members.

We also have a food delivery program every third Sunday of the month, that buys and delivers food and visits with incarcerated youth who are otherwise primarily without community contact. We purchase clothes for youth attending court as well as clothes and school supplies for youth we mentor. Every penny goes to our community youth and families, an investment in our future. The services are provided for free.

 When Humanity Goes UP, Crime Goes Down!

Donations can be made from the Friday before the service through the Tuesday following the service, using PayPal link and writing “Share the Plate” in the memo line. On the Sunday of the collection, all donations, unless otherwise specified, go to Share the Plate.