Sharing the Plate with Insight Out

At our December 1st service, we donated $2,106 to Insight-Out’s Guiding Rage into Power program (GRIP).

“What a tremendous outpouring of support! I am so grateful not only for your generous financial contributions, but also for the way you welcomed our guests and opened your hearts to the message and to the work of peacemaking, GRIP-style. And finally, I am grateful for the opportunity to share the lessons I have learned from GRIP over the years so that we could experience how in giving, we also receive.” – Tovis Page

“Last Sunday’s service was immensely uplifting and inspirational. I was deeply touched by the good GRIP is doing. Your sermon, and then Mr. Jackson’s testimonial, were both moving and extremely powerful.” – Carol Cross

“Carol speaks for me too and I am glad we raised so much! Thank you Tovis, for bringing Fateen to share his powerful story with us.” – Nancy Goodban