Share the Plate with International Women’s Convocation on May 15

IWC is truly an International Organization with board members from the US, France,  Transylvania, India, Australia and Kenya, and a memorandum of understanding with UU women  in the Philippines. As you may imagine, Zoom has been crucial for board meetings which  happen in different time zones and often on different days. IWC also has consultative status  with the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women and has given presentations at  their annual event for the past 3 years.  

IWC’s mission is carried out by finding projects that will benefit women. Among others, IWC has  sponsored events encouraging the ending of domestic violence in India and the Philippines.  

All of our projects are generated by the women involved, and IWC is not a top-down  organization, instead assisting them in preparing a proposal and budget for their project so IWC  can apply for grant funding, mainly through the UU Funding Panel and Faithify.  

Administrative expenses for IWC come through Share the Plate Sundays, 18 churches from  around the country last year and 9 so far this year. IWC also has a membership program and  other direct donations. While expenses are kept to a minimum, the donations are what allow  IWC to accomplish the work being done.  

Our most recent projects are fundraising for Ukrainian relief, mainly through 2 Faithify  fundraisers, a place for UU grassroots fundraising. You can visit at if you’d like to  contribute to the Ukrainian efforts.  

IWC also have a young leaders program that will run for a full year. At present there are 25  young women from around the world. They are working with 2 mentors and will eventually  prepare a presentation for the 2023 Commission on Status of Women annual event. 

Twice a month IWC sponsor a morning gathering for women around the world, discussing a  topic in small groups and then sharing the ideas and comments with the larger group. These  gatherings are generally attended by 30-40 women and have been very meaningful, especially  during Covid when for many this was one of the few contacts with others.  

Donations can be made from the Friday before the service through the Tuesday following the  service, using PayPal link and writing “Share the  Plate” in the memo line. On the Sunday of the collection, all donations, unless otherwise specified, go to “Share  the Plate.”