Share the Plate with GRIP this Sunday, Dec 11

This coming Sunday we will be “sharing the plate” with the GRIP Training Institute, an organization we have supported through our Share the Plate practice several times before. Serving incarcerated people in California, the GRIP Training Institute seeks to create personal and systemic change by turning violence and suffering into opportunities for healing. GRIP stands for Guiding Rage Into Power. Rooted in Restorative Justice principles, GRIP is a comprehensive offender-accountability program that helps incarcerated people understand the origins of their violent behavior and gain the skills they need to become peacekeepers. Since its inception in 2012 at San Quentin, GRIP has expanded to 5 institutions. With a recidivism rate of just 0.2%, the GRIP Program is extraordinarily successful. On an advocacy level, the organization envisions a new way of “doing prison” that transcends the “us vs. them” polarity and works to transform a nation that currently incarcerates its citizens in unprecedented numbers into a nation that stands for a second chance, redemption, and personal evolution. To learn more, please visit and watch the powerful 6 minute video featuring GRIP participants and trainers.

Donations can be made from Friday Dec 9 through Tuesday 13, using PayPal link and writing “Share the Plate” in the memo line. On Sunday, all donations, unless otherwise specified, will go to GRIP. THANK YOU for supporting restorative justice, healing and redemption!