Share the Plate with GRIP Training Institute

This Sunday, November 15, our community offering will go to the GRIP Training Institute, a non-profit organization serving incarcerated people in California. This will be our Fellowship’s third year “sharing the plate” with GRIP, and I am grateful to our community for supporting an organization that deeply inspires me. In 2014, I spent the day at San Quentin State Prison as a guest of Jacques Verduin, founder of the GRIP program. What I experienced that day transformed me, and I have continued to support the organization ever since by sharing the peacemaking lessons I have learned from GRIP and helping fundraise to support the work.  Thank you for joining me in this support as you are willing and able.

The GRIP Training Institute, formerly Insight-Out, helps people convicted of violent crime “leave prison before they get out” by giving them tools to transform their own behavior and become agents of change. GRIP stands for Guiding Rage Into Power. Participants in the yearlong program learn how to heal the unprocessed pain that drives violence and to respond to difficulty without lashing out. Graduates become peacemakers themselves, working to resolve conflict and prevent violence in their communities. To date, the recidivism rate for GRIP graduates released from prison is less than 1%. GRIP currently runs in five correctional facilities in California. To learn more about the program and the difference it makes in the lives of people impacted by violent crime and incarceration, please visit

Donations can be made from Friday, 11/13/20 through Tuesday, 11/17/20 using PayPal link and writing “Share the Plate” in the memo line. On Sunday, November 15, all donations, unless otherwise specified, go to Share the Plate.