Resilience and Transformation

Order of Service

00:00 WELCOME​: Jeanne De Shazo
01:30 LIGHTING THE CHALICE: ​Rev. Brian Ferguson
03:14 MEDITATION​: Rev. Brian Ferguson
05:56 REFLECTION: ​Jeanne De Shazo
10:56 SERMON: ​“​Resilience and Transformation” – Rev. Brian Ferguson
32:46 EXTINGUISHING THE FLAME: ​Rev. Brian Ferguson
33:20 CLOSING WORDS:​ Rev. Brian Ferguson

Join Us for new Talkback Time , discussion at 12 pm after the coffee hour. Life transformations and transitions can be sudden or gradual, planned or unexpected. Sometimes major life changes can be suddenly forced upon us and other times it is something we commit ourselves to and consciously strive for over a long period of time. Coping with transformation can be difficult and unsettling in most circumstances even when we have sought the change occurring. This worship service will explore the importance of resilience as we cope with changes thrust upon us and undertake the transformations we consciously seek. Worship Associate: Jeanne DeShazo.

A Worship Service should be the beginning of exploring a topic not the end.  Starting this week, January 24th, Rev. Brian and the Worship Committee have planned an experiment with Talkback after the service and coffee hour.  Rev. Brian and Jeanne De Shazo will host in an open discussion of Resilience and Transformation.  

Please join us with your thoughts and questions at this link.