What Next?

Order of Service

00:00 Welcome​: ​Tracey Fecher
00:59 Lighting The Chalice: ​Rev. Brian Ferguson
02:26 Time For All Ages: ​Rev. Brian Ferguson
06:24 Meditation​: Rev. Brian Ferguson
08:10 Reflection: ​Tracey Fecher
12:34 Sermon: ​“W​hat Next?” – Rev. Brian Ferguson
38:31 Extinguishing The Flame: Rev. Brian Ferguson
39:17 Closing Words:​ Rev. Brian Ferguson

Certain dates in our lives mark a time of before and after. The date we started a new job, moved to an new part of the world, graduation days, wedding days, birth of first child and other anniversaries are markers in our lives. The date of November 3 this year with its important election may be one of those dates. Whatever the result, we have much healing to do in repairing the divisions in our country. Where do we start? This worship service will explore what tentative steps we may take forward on the path of healing. Worship Associate: Tracey Fecher with Jeanne de Shazo.