The Emperor’s Clothes or Lack Thereof

00:00 REFLECTION: “Emperor’s Clothes or Lack Thereof” – Rev. Brian Ferguson


It can take great courage to go against a crowd and state an opinion contrary to groupthink.  What happens after an uncomfortable truth is stated is often unpredictable.  This shorter worship service will explore the uncertainty created when we take a courageous stand.

Worship Associate: Chris DeCardy

Action Sunday, October 9

After a short chapel service in the sanctuary, we will break out into groups
to explore our 2nd Principle, “justice, equity, and compassion in human
relations”. What will you join? No need to rsvp, just join the group of your
choosing. All workshops are open until the space is filled.

  • Plastics and yUU
  • Get Out the Vote
  • Reflection and Meditation on the Worship Theme
  • Songs of Courage
  • October Center of Interest Decorating
  • Audio Manager Training: running the audio mixer