The Color of Racism: White Supremacy Culture in UU

Order of Service

00:00 WELCOME: John Kim
00:59 LIGHTING THE CHALICE: Rev. Brian Ferguson
02:01 TIME FOR ALL AGES: Rev. Brian Ferguson
07:10 MEDITATION: Rev. Brian Ferguson
10:11 REFLECTION: John Kim
17:06 SERMON: “The Color of Racism: White Supremacy Culture in UU” – Rev. Brian Ferguson
36:55 EXTINGUISHING THE FLAME: Rev. Brian Ferguson
37:28 CLOSING WORDS: Rev. Brian Ferguson

Racism is a dominant aspect of our North American culture and has become prominent in our public consciousness due to the recurring injustices experienced by people of color within our Criminal Justice system. Our UUA has been accused of white supremacy in its hiring practices, and our congregations have been asked by our People of Color to examine how White Supremacy Culture manifests within our congregation. The purpose is to help our religious communities understand the pervasiveness of racism and the destruction it inflicts on our society. This worship service will explore white supremacy culture and how the resulting racism impacts us as individuals, our churches and our wider culture. Worship Associate: John Kim.