Speaking of Faith

Order of Service

00:00 ABOUT TODAY’S SERVICE: Rev. Brian Ferguson
07:19 REFLECTION: Vasa Endicott
10:44 REFLECTION: Richard Muller
13:02 REFLECTION: Debra Pritchard
14:54 REFLECTION: John Kim
19:02 REFLECTION: David Kramer
20:11 REFLECTION: Bonnie Miller
22:14 REFLECTION: Rev. Brian Ferguson

One of the great challenges for many Unitarian Universalists is to explain what is spiritually central to us at individuals and as a religious community. It can often feel easier to explain what we are not and don’t believe rather than what are our guiding values and affirming beliefs. This worship service will explore some of the possibilities of what might be central and common to our Unitarian Universalist faith. We also welcome our friends from UUSM, joining us for this service. Worship Associate: John Kim.