Sitting in the Fire: Lessons for Peacemakers

Tovis’ sermon “Sitting in the Fire”
Fateen Jackson’s testimony

What role can the idea of peace play in the violence of our times?  We often imagine peace as some ideal end state—a future condition devoid of negativity, conflict or violence of any kind.  How does imagining peace in this idealized way serve us?  What might a more realistic, this-worldly conception of peace look like?  And how might it serve us differently as we labor to live out our Unitarian Universalist values today?  Drawing lessons from our Share the Plate Recipient for the day (Insight Out), we will glean lessons from people who have been through the fires of violence and come out the other side peacemakers.  To learn about our Share the Plate recipient prior to the service, please visit Worship Associate: Chris DeCardy