Resurrection for Religious Liberals

Order of Service

00:00 REFLECTION: Chris DeCardy
05:10 PRAYER: Rev. Brian Ferguson
08:21 READING: Christian Gospel of Mark Chapter 15 Read by Rev. Brian Ferguson
09:57 READING: Christian Gospel of Mark Chapter 16 Read by Chris DeCardy
11:11 SERMON: “Resurrection for Religious Liberals” – Rev. Brian Ferguson

Easter is the most religiously significant time of the year for Christians and is the foundational event defining their faith and proof of the divinity of Jesus. The idea of a literal resurrection is difficult for many in our contemporary society to accept, and many Unitarian Universalists reject supernatural ideas such as resurrection from the dead. This worship service explores what possibilities are open to Unitarian Universalists for interpreting the resurrection story of Jesus in a meaningful way that honors our Liberal Religious values. Worship Associate: Chris DeCardy.