Living into the Vital Moments of History

Order of Service

00:00 Welcome​: John Kim
00:39 Lighting The Chalice: ​Rev. Brian Ferguson
01:35 Meditation​: Rev. Brian Ferguson
05:35 Reflection: ​John Kim
09:06 Reflection: ​“​Living into the Vital Moments of History” Rev. Brian Ferguson
28:11 Extinguishing The Flame: Rev. Brian Ferguson
29:18 Closing Words:​ Rev. Brian Ferguson

We are living through a vitally important and challenging time in our country’s history. We face an important election amidst a health pandemic, an economic recession, and a continuing climate crisis. There are times we just feel like escaping and hiding from all of the strife. Yet as Unitarian Universalists we recognize that what we do can help shape our world in a more life-sustaining, life-affirming, and even life-saving direction. This worship will explore how we can live into this vital moment of history in a healthy, effective and emotionally sustainable way. Worship Associate: John Kim.