Loving, Losing and Learning to Love Again

00:00 REFLECTION: Rev. Brian Ferguson

Order of Service

What we can learn from the spiritual discipline of love and whole-hearted empathy that our highly rational selves resist.

January 14th is an Action Sunday! After a short chapel service in the sanctuary, we will break out into groups to explore topics generated during last week’s World Cafe. What will you join? No need to rsvp, just join the group of your choosing. All workshops open until the space is filled.

Responding to our Inner Critic: Unitarian Universalism centers love of everyone at the center of our religion.  Everyone includes acknowledging the inherent worth and dignity of ourselves not just others.  Many of us are our own worst critic.  Can we truly hold others in love if we don’t hold ourselves with love and care? This interactive workshop explores how Unitarian Universalism values Join Rev. Brian Ferguson in the Sanctuary and on zoom.  Ages 14 and up.

Hope Rising: Starting from the wonderful book “Hope Rising: The Science of Hope Can Change Your Life,” we’ll discuss what makes hope different from optimism and how hope can be learned and practiced. Come explore how you can generate more hope in your own life and use it as a coping resourceJoin Susie Idzik in the Front Lounge. Teens and adults welcome. 

Empathetic Listening: At our World Cafe, many participants shared the desire for deep connections with others. Join Peter Hartzell and Beth Harrison in the Back Lounge. We will demonstrate the practice of empathetic listening–that goes beyond active listening–and then we’ll practice scenarios in pairs during the workshop. Ages 14 and up. 

Practice Gratitude: It’s sometimes too easy to focus on bad things that happen to us, and it can hold us back from all that our wonderful lives have to offer. Join Jen Gill in the Minister’s Office to talk about some of your tried and true gratitude practices that bring you joy, abundance and love. During the session, we’ll start practicing acts of gratitude together. Ages 12 and up. 

Fortune Tellers: Fold your own fortune tellers on the theme of LOVE. Then take these to the Social Hall to bring fortunes to the community! Join Marcey Cisneros and Maeve Knoth in the Art Room. All ages.