In Our Own Words: Gratitude

Order of Service

00:00 Welcome​: ​Liz Davis
01:54 Lighting The Chalice: Beth Harrison
02:39 Opening Words: ​Beth Harrison
04:33 Reflection #1: “​Two Dads, Chosen Family,” Anna Dyer
08:33 Reflection #2: ​“Whatever Is,” Tim Bartus
12:40 Reflection #3:​ “Saying Grace,” Lillian Svec
14:54 Reflection #4: ​“New England Garden,” DeeDee Stovel
19:05 Gratitude Meditation: ​Liz Davis
22:21 Extinguishing The Flame: Beth Harrison
22:55 Closing Words:​ Beth Harrison

Come prepare for our month of thanksgiving: For the past 10 years, members and friends of our fellowship have participated in spiritual autobiography writing groups to explore questions of meaning and purpose. In this “In Our Own Words” worship service, four congregants will share their autobiographical reflections on gratitude. Our musical offerings will reflect the same themes, and there will be a gratitude meditation.Worship Associate: Liz Davis.