In Our Own Words: Adventure

00:00 OPENING WORDS: Beth Harrison
03:29 REFLECTION #1: “Quiet,” Janette Rabin
08:04 REFLECTION #2: “If You’re so Smart, Why ain’t you Rich?,” Lee Rossi
17:06 REFLECTION #3: “Finding a Purpose: An Adventure of Four Generations,” Alejandra Domenzain
21:40 REFLECTION #4: “Upending My Lifestyle,” Bill Welch

Order of Service

Four of our spiritual autobiography writers–Alejandra Domenzain, Janette Rabin, Lee Rossi, and Bill Welch–will be sharing their reflections on “adventure” at our first in person outdoor worship service at Huddart Park. There will be carpools leaving from UUFRC at 9:30 am.  Bring a folding chair, a mask, a water bottle and/or your own refreshments.  Be prepared to enjoy sitting among the redwoods and listening to thoughtful reflections and in person music.  There will be an opportunity for a short guided walk through the woods after the service.  The service will also be recorded for those who can’t attend in person.