Self, Us, Now – Convey Values, Create Hope

Convey your values by telling your story. Broaden that story to appeal to our shared values so that we now better understand who we are. Finally, articulate the challenges we face within the context of our story, why we must act, and what we must do. Our collective action binds us and creates hope.  This service, inspired by the work of Marshall Ganz, weaves together stories of self, stories of us, and stories of now.  Worship Leader: Bruce Knoth, Worship Associate: Rev. Gretchen Woods.

Share-the-Plate Benefits Sequoia High School’s Dream Club

This Sunday’s share-the-plate collection will be donated to Sequoia High School Dream Club’s scholarship fund (the fund is particularly important because there are few financial aid programs available to Dreamers). The club’s mission is to help create limitless educational opportunities for undocumented students.  Dream Club members will participate in this Sunday’s service, and our donations will help the Dreamers attend college.

Bruce Knoth – part 1 of 2

Bruce Knoth – part 2 of 2