Conversations with “The Other Side”

Order of Service

00:00 ABOUT TODAY’S SERVICE: Rev. Brian Ferguson
05:05 REFLECTION: Bruce Knoth
08:20 REFLECTION: Scott Freeman
12:46 REFLECTION: Scott Freeman
17:12 REFLECTION: Bruce Knoth
24:50 CLOSING THOUGHTS: Rev. Brian Ferguson

What happens when one self-described white male bi-coastal elite UU connects with one white male conservative Midwestern Evangelical Christian in an attempt to understand “Who are those people?”  Now that they have conversed weekly for six months, what can we learn from the UU? From the Christian?  This Sunday, Bruce Knoth and Scott Freeman reflect on their experiences, explore how one has conversations across “the divide”, what they have learned, the challenges of separating the individual from the stereotype, and how it ties back to religious faith. Worship Associate: Solveig Zarubin.