Service from 2020-10-18 (Abridged)

Order of Service

UUFRC Sunday Service 2020–10-18 (Abridged): Embracing Hope in Anxious Times

00:00 Welcome​: Kathy Warne
01:34 Lighting The Chalice: ​Rev. Brian Ferguson
02:56 Time For All Ages: ​Rev. Brian Ferguson
05:11 Recognition Of Derby Davidson: ​Lillian Svec, Rachel Taylor, and Chris Stovall
12:55 Offering And Offertory​: Kathy Warne
15:56 Meditation​: Rev. Brian Ferguson
18:57 Reflection: ​Kathy Warne
22:20 Reflection: ​“​Embracing Hope in Anxious Times” Rev. Brian Ferguson
41:42 Extinguishing The Flame: Rev. Brian Ferguson
42:04 Closing Words:​ Rev. Brian Ferguson