Seldom Asked Questions About the Program Council

What is the Program Council?

We are a governance committee that works to balance the needs of congregational activities while monitoring our building use, volunteer time and church calendar. The Program Council comprises six clusters: Congregational Life, Governance, Faith Formation, Sunday Services, Social Justice & Outreach and Operations; each has its own liaison.

Why was it formed?

It’s important that our Board of Trustees focus on our future–what does it look like and how do we get there? In consultation with the Minister those visionary individuals on the Board will shape our community and maintain its fiscal health in the years ahead. In comparison the Program Council’s role is more operational and short term: for example keeping committees engaged and providing training, relieving the Board from those responsibilities.

Why should I care?

Do you want to create a new event? Are you looking for some help with another church activity? Does the minutiae of organizing discourage you? Then talk with your cluster liaison(s)! They’ll be able to guide you.

What are its most important functions?

While the Board of Trustees is responsible for our legal and financial commitments, the Program Council oversees how we manage our other precious resources: volunteers’ time, our building and our Zoom accounts. Overloading the calendar is a no-no; we keep a close eye out to avoid that. We provide training so that as a committee lead you can get things done efficiently. With the Connections Coordinator we facilitate matching opportunities with people.

A key role for our liaisons is to be a two-way channel of communication. Each liaison gathers updates from the committees in their cluster and shares it with the other liaisons, who can then pass relevant information along to their committee heads.

Who’s on it?

Liaisons for 2022-23 are Joyce Porter (Congregational Life), Rob Davis (Governance), Anna Dyer (Faith Formation), Martha Beetley (Sunday Services), Sally Mentzer (Social Justice & Outreach) and Alex Stagner (Operations and acting chair of PC). Rev. Brian and Jen Gill, our Connections Coordinator, are ex officio members. Please speak/write/text to any of us with your questions or concerns.