Reforming the Program Council in Support of the Strategic Implementation

June 21, 2023

UUFRC,As a wrap up to a productive year regarding UUFRC’s strategy, and to follow up on comments I made at the Annual Meeting, here’s a summary of what you can expect this upcoming year and how you can engage with the ongoing implementation of our Strategic Plan.

Hand off of SPIT to the Program Council
SPIT, the strategic plan implementation team composed of Chris Stovall, Jen Bahr-Davidson, Debbie Mytels and Rev. Brian did a marvelous job of meeting with each committee and the Board to take the high level goals of the plan and agree on smaller, specific initiatives.  They also created a useful tool for tracking the plan in a free software called AirTable.  This is early days, there is still lots of room for refinement, but the foundation for implementation is well in place.

The important decision of the last few weeks is to sunset SPIT as was originally planned and, on July 1,  hand the work they completed to the Program Council, a committee that already is chartered and has a purpose nicely aligned with strategic plan implementation.

Program Council 2.0 (PC2.0)
In order to assume the coordination of the strategic plan implementation, the Program Council will adjust its structure and focus.  Since its creation five years ago, the PC has been organized around six clusters.  Each cluster is a group of committees and task forces sharing an affinity — for example: Sunday Services, Faith Formation, Operations, or Governance.  Each cluster had a representative who was part of the Program Council. Monthly, the Program Council meets to bring together these representatives to share updates, create joint plans and resolve challenges. PC2.0 will retain its “central station” coordination role.  However, its structure will adjust to primarily focus on the five strategic goals and secondarily, the committee clusters.  Furthermore, the clusters will be consolidated from six to three.  Here is a diagram of the new structure. Note: any structure will be adjusted over time to support the needs of the Fellowship.

So you’d like to be involved… here’s how
You can join the Program Council!  On the diagram above you will see 9 positions.  This is too many.  The plan is that PC2.0 will have 5 or 6 members — so one person will fill more than one of the “lead” roles.  In his sermon June 18, Brian encouraged us to “make time for play.”  Not only is PC2.0/Strategic work  important, it is also a chance to have some fun as we weave connections across the community and help realize the potential we all see for our UUFRC future.  If you are curious about the Program Council — or other volunteer/leadership positions at UUFRC –, please reach out to one of the following to share your thoughts, learn more, and consider how you might find a rewarding role in our new Program Council. 


Peter Hartzell, 
President, Board of Trustees (650-224-3863,

Others to contact:

Chris Stovall (650-867-4804,, 

Alex Stagner (650-218-1026,