Reaching Out: Spring has Sprung

Spring has sprung and I hope you enjoyed the rains that came with it. The myriad shades of greens and the bright colors of the flowers make this one of my favorite times of year. The longer days of light awaken me from my winter sluggishness and there’s a new energy from within and around.

As we open up to the newness and energy of spring, I’d like to call your attention to several new things around the Fellowship.

The first is our NEW WEBSITE. Please check it out! Our own Tanya Webster and Iain Cunningham, along with Josh Moore, used the website template made available by the UUA to create a vibrant, dynamic, inspiring website that is incredibly user-friendly. It’s colorful, full of pictures, messages, information, graphics, a wonderful new calendar, and connections to Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. Newcomers to our Fellowship check out our website before they even walk through our doors. If you’ve rarely, or even never, used our website, now is the time to explore it.

Our second area of NEW is our UUFRC Learning Journey ~ our adult faith education and exploration classes. Chair Tanya Webster is helping this committee create a full program of offerings for adults, the magnitude of which we have not had before.
You can find specific class information on our website, as well as on the Learning Journey bulletin board in the Social Hall. My only sadness is that I can’t find a way to fit in every single class offered.

We have an all Fellowship Work Day coming up on April 21st ~ another sign of spring in that it’s time for us to clean, polish, fix, paint, trim, prune and mow to get our building and grounds in tiptop shape. Please join us! It’s really true that many hands make light work. There’s a lot of laughter as all ages work together doing what we know how to do or want to learn in service to our UUFRC home. We always share a hearty lunch at noon, so come for the morning, come for the afternoon, or for the whole day, whatever you can contribute, but please plan to join us for lunch!
This is a place that works hard, plays hard, enjoys eating, and knows that doing these things together makes them even better.

With gratitude always,