Reaching Out and Welcoming Your Return

Welcome back from Summer, with its vacations and stay-cations, new adventures and treasured traditions. Welcome back to the beginning of another church year and all the adventures it promises to bring.

We’ll begin this new year with our beloved Water Communion service on September 9th.  Our tradition is to bring with us a small bit of water from a special place we were at during the summer ~ whether from a far away trip, or from our own faucet at home. As we share where our water came from, we pour it into a communal bowl, blending our lives together. From many places, we return to this community made sacred by our togetherness. This water is then blessed, boiled, and saved as our holy water, to be used during very special events such as child blessings. It’s one of our few traditional services, and one of my favorites. I hope you can join us!

You’ll notice small changes around the Fellowship that represent a great deal of work behind the scenes. Please take a look at our newly updated, colorful UUFRC brochures, located in our foyer brochure rack. Administrator Tanya Webster has worked wonders in beautifying and bringing to life all that we offer here.

Another change: We now have a new church database. While we’ve been toiling to get it up and running, our church Directory has not been available to you. We are working diligently, and when we have completed entering you into the database you’ll receive an email invitation to create your own password for the Directory. When you take this step, you’ll have access to members and friends contact information, and you’ll have the ability to access and update your own information. If your phone number or address changes, you can enter the new information yourself!

The final change I’d like you to be aware of is that we no longer have a printed newsletter.  We have struggled for nearly two years to find a replacement for our former newsletter editor, Sara Morgan, without success.  Instead of a monthly newsletter, we now have a Weekly newsletter, sent out via email each Thursday. If you are not yet receiving this, you’ll can sign up on our website homepage. Don’t forget, too, that all of our services, events, classes, our calendar, and our staff “blogs” are on our website ~ which is also New, Improved, and actually Fun to explore (this being said by a certifiable non-techie.)

I am one of your resources at this Fellowship! Please don’t hesitate to contact me and/or come talk to me about what you are looking for and hoping for at UUFRC. I would love to help you make connections here to fulfill the reasons that brought you through our doors.

Thank you for the blessings each of you bring,