Program Council Meeting Minutes, May 7, 2020

This meeting was conducted on Zoom via the Internet as the building was closed for the COVID-19 “Shelter in Place” order and the previous decision of the Board.

Attending:  Chris Stovall, Alex Stagner, Jennifer Bahr-Davidson, Marina Rose, Jessica Roybal, Ellen Hill, Solveig Zarubin, John Cooney, the Rev. Dr. Gretchen Woods.

Liaison/Chair Meetings:  Most of the cluster groups were able to meet in the past month as suggested by Chris, even with many scheduling hurdles. Topics covered: the timing for committee reports for annual report, roll out of new on-line event form, feedback and answers to the CUUE team’s questions to take back to GA delegates, questions/concerns over Zoom meetings, and liaison candidates for next year.   

The meetings went well and attendees appreciated the chance to chat together with members/leaders from their own clusters.  Cluster members also expressed a wish for greater communication between committees and leaders across UUFRC.   Current proposed plans for next year include having these “cluster chats” at least quarterly, and discussing further means of communicating between clusters.

Event Scheduling Help:  Liaisons are continuing to help Jan with calendared events—reaching out to event organizers to see if events/meetings need to be cancelled, moved, or changed to UUFRC Zoom or personal Zoom.

Program Council Future:  Program Council (PC) would like to continue its existence and the board would also like Program Council to continue.  Alex Stagner and Ellen Hill shared their presentation which will be shown at the Town Hall meeting on May 17 which helps explain how the program council works. Proposed by-law changes to formalize the Program Council will be voted on at the Congregational Meeting.  

Areas of focus for next year:  1) Connecting people with opportunities (volunteers) 2) fostering communication among clusters 3) Leadership training and 4) Logistics of schedule and cluster groups.

Liaisons for next year:   Jen will be rotating off the Program Council so the Congregational Life cluster will need a new liaison.  PC reduced from 8 clusters this year to 6 next year.  Board member will be liaison for governance cluster.  Alex, Solveig, Ellen will stay on. Marina is willing to be liaison for the Faith Formation Cluster again if elected.  Suggested format for election is breakout cluster groups after the annual meeting. 

Volunteer Plan Update:   PC has been working on determining its role in matching congregants with opportunities. Solveig will work with Jen Gill, Connections Coordinator, and PC will work with clusters to try to make matches. 

Leadership Training Update: Leadership training is planned to start in the fall when we’ll have new program council members, chairs, and the new minister.  Marina shared current list of possible training topics which includes both UUFRC specific and broader leadership skills (running meetings, communications, leading with a non-anxious presence).  Leadership Training and advice on conducting it was one of the main items brought up for the CUUE team and GA delegates.

Topics for future:  Questions for new minister candidate, Arts Committee potential for next year, using the RACI Model. 

Next Meeting:   Tuesday, June 9th.

Respectfully submitted,

Solveig Zarubin