Program Council Meeting Minutes, June 9, 2020

Meeting Summary:

On Tuesday, June 9, 2020 @ 6:30pm The Program Council gathered for an informal discussion with our Ministerial Candidate, Rev. Brian Ferguson.    Following this visit Chris called the formal committee meeting to order.   

Alex Stagner was elected as the new Program Council Chairperson and has the assignment of organizing the first meeting of the new Council in July.  A goal of that meeting is to select individuals to fill specific operational roles within the committee; in particular the need for a “Opportunities” representative to coordinate with the Connections Committee and Jen Gill during the year. 

Marinna provided a summary of the work to date for the Leadership Training Sub-Committee.  The plan is to provide an initial offering of the class in late July.   The class will be open to all, however, an effort will be made to get all committee chairpersons to attend.

A plan was discussed for updating the “UUFRC Handbook” with the goal of moving the Leadership information into the Leadership Class.    The parts of the handbook regarding  general member information will be handed off to the Connections Committee to maintain and make available to new members. 


John M. Cooney – Reporting Secretary