Program Council Meeting Minutes, July 23, 2020

UUFRC Program Council Minutes of July 23, 2020 ,7 pm, via Zoom

Attendees:  Alex Stagner (chair), Lori Longo, Marina Rose, Ellen Hill, Tovis Page, Solveig Zarubin (briefly), and Rev. Brian Ferguson

Next meeting:  Thursday, August 20, 7 – 8:30 pm

            And then the 3rd Monday of the month going forward

Old Business

Update by Solveig, Sunday Services Cluster. :  Solveig is moving out of the area but will continue as a member of UUFRC remotely.  She is stepping off of the Program Council.  A new liaison from the Sunday Services Cluster will need to be chosen.

Minutes taker:  Lori volunteered

Leadership Training:  Marina is the leader, Alex will assist.  Soft launch set for mid-August

Matching Opportunities w/People:  Ellen volunteered to be the leader.

Tools manager:  Alex will lead this for Program Council tools, such as, Google Drive.

Reported names of new committee chairs to Tovis to bring to the Board of Trustees.

Program Council Goals for 2020-2021

●Develop 2 Leadership Training classes:  Basic Tool Kit and Advanced Tool Kit.  The classes are recommended for all committee heads and open to the entire congregation.  Rev. Brian suggested that we quantify it.  The goal will be for 80% of all committee heads to complete both classes during this year.  Board members, Staff and all 6 Program Council liaisons encouraged to attend both classes before December.

●Each liaison to contact at least 1 committee in our cluster to provide a One-Pager to Ellen, lead for Matching Opportunities.  Use the template for the One-Pager that is in Google Drive.  Committees may post multiple One-Pagers. 


Rev. Brian suggested adding a segment about anti-racism/anti-oppression to the Leadership Training.

Marina suggested the RACI model for decision making be introduced in the Leadership Training.  RACI stands for Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed. 

Discussed how a position will be filled on this committee when an opening occurs mid-year.  Further research and discussion needed to clarify the format for electing liaisons for each cluster.

            Ellen volunteered to represent Program Council on the Cove-19 Task Force. 

Action Items

  1.  Ellen to contact Solveig about the One Pagers and the goal of this project.
  2. Ellen contact Polly Ragusa regarding joining the Covie-19 Task Force.
  3. Alex to make sure all liaisons have access to Program Council Google Drive.
  4. Marina to explore the RACI model over the course of the year.  Rev. Brian interested in being a part of this.
  5. Marina to include Rev. Brian in the Leadership Training Doodle poll to set a date for the soft launch.
  6. Lori to consult with Martha Beetley about joining Program Council as Sunday Services Cluster liaison.  Solveig to organize a Zoom call of all chairs in the cluster to “elect” the new liaison if needed.