Program Council Meeting Minutes January 4, 2022

UUFRC Program Council Minutes    January 4, 2022   7:00 – 8:30 p.m. zoom

Attendees:  Alex, Lori, Martha, Sally   Absent:  Rob, Brian

PC Cluster Groups

Operations (Alex):  Building, Committee on Ministries, Communications, CUUE

Congregational Life (Lori):  Caring, Connections, Pastoral Care Team

Justice and Outreach (Sally):  Roosevelt Tutoring, Social Action, Interfaith

Sunday Services (Martha):  MOCA, Music, Worship

Faith Formation (Alex, interim):  Chalice Circles, The Learning Journey,  Youth and


Governance (Rob):  Board of Trustees, Program Council, Finance, Personnel, 


November and December Minutes approved

Chair Update

COVID Task Force UpdateBrian recommended and the Task Force approved that there will be no in person Sunday services in January.

Brian’s installation:  is tentatively scheduled for May 1, 2022.

Rental Task Force:  Martha, Alex, Rob and John Cooney met to discuss rentals of our space.  John created a matrix of available services which include video and zoom.  Gigi will be involved in logistics in the future.

Faith in Action liaison:  Alex will continue to cover this on an interim basis and will ask Julia Mogilov again in a few months.

Wayside Pulpit for March:  John Kim from the Worship Committee is aware that they will create the March Wayside Pulpit.

Cluster Group Update

None this month

February:  Martha (Sunday Services)

March:  Alex (Faith Formation)

April:  Lori (Congregational Life)

May:  Sally (Roosevelt Tutoring, Social Action, Interfaith


Committee Leadership:  We have several committees which do not have chairs. Perhaps this is because the responsibility of a chair feels like too much of a role for some people.  Another model could be to rotate the chair or to split the responsibilities (contact person, person who builds the agenda, person leading the meeting, and notetaker).  Lori suggested we each check with our cluster group regarding leadership plans.  We split up contacting those who do not have current leaders to see what their plans are for leadership and if they have considered other leadership models.  

Rob:  Finance

Alex:  Communication

Sally:  C-Groups (check with Brian)

Lori:  Building Committee

Prior to our February 1 Program Council Meeting Alex will send us a list of all he does so we can discuss future leadership.

Yearly Calendar:  The Program Council now has its own column.  Alex encouraged each of us to look at the calendar (google docs:  UUFRC Yearly Calendar of Events).  Lori commented that our role is to look for overloads in the calendar.  For proposed new events people can check with us after looking at the calendar.  Also, the Office Administrator can let us know when new activities are proposed.  

Goals 2021-22

Leadership Development:  We have the video on leadership for new leaders.  We were planning to work on skills for leadership in multiculturalism (diversity and inclusion including anti-racist ethos) this spring.  Alex will check with Brian on the status of this.  

Program Council Role:  Martha will develop a slide about the role of the Program Council to be shown at our fellowship service once a month.

Action Items

Contacting Committees who do not have leaders about their plans (and suggest alternatives to consider):

Rob:  Finance

Alex:  Communication

Sally:  C-Groups

Lori:  Building Committee

Alex:  will send us a list of all he does as our leader prior to our 2/1 meeting

Alex:  will check with Brian on plans for Spring for leadership skills for leadership on multiculturalism

All:  look at yearly calendar for spacing of events and possible overload times

Next Meeting

Tuesday, February 1

7:00 p.m. Zoom

Minutes submitted by Sally Mentzer