Program Council Meeting Minutes from March 16, 2021

UUFRC Program Council Minutes 2021_03_16                6:30 – 8:30 via Zoom

Attendees:  Alex, Lori, Ellen, Martha, Jorie.  Absent:  Rev. Brian, Tovis

Guest:  John Cooney

PC Cluster Groups
Operations (Alex): Building, Committee on Ministries, Communications, CUUE
Congregational Life (Lori):  Caring, Connections
Justice & Outreach (Ellen):  Roosevelt Tutoring, Social Action, Interfaith
Sunday Services (Martha):  MOCA, Music, Worship
Faith Formation (Jorie):  Chalice Circles, The Learning Journey, Youth & Family
Governance (Tovis):  Board of Trustees, Program Council, Finance, Personnel, Stewardship

February Minutes approved.

Special Report

John Cooney gave a report from the Video Task Force that is studying the sound, light & video system needs when services are once again held in-person in the Sanctuary.  Considerations include whether to rent or buy the equipment, minimize volunteer/labor needed, whether to provide video production to the Sanctuary only or include meetings and R.E., and who do we want to serve (i.e. elderly congregants and satellite congregations).  The Task Force is currently experimenting with various solutions, equipment & scenarios.  Plans are to consult with the community to find out how many would still want to use Zoom.  Ellen commented that we need to look at how many volunteer hours it takes to do the video vs volunteer hours to provide rides for people to come to in-person services. 

Chair Update

Committee spotlight – Alex will speak on April 18 coordinating with Jen G.

Safety and Security subgroup has just 2 members but work is not critical right now.

Annual Report – Office Admin. created an online form for all committees to use.  Deadline for reports is May 1st.

Air Table – meeting on March 17 to review this system.  It is not the Facilities Calendar but a document to help PC with planning and balancing resources.  It is a good start for a Master Calendar. 

Auction donation from PC – Learn how to make Organic Strawberry Freezer Jam on Sunday July 18th at the picnic tables in front of the church.  Offered to the 2 highest bidders.  Take home at least 3 pints of jam.  Martha will make scones and biscuits, or maybe Cluster cookies. 

Action Items Reviewed – All completed

Cluster Updates – see Addendum for reports from Faith Formation and Sunday Services.

Congregational Life Cluster met on March 1st.

Wayside Pulpit

It needs to be improved with more attractive displays.  Bev M changes the posters once/month.  She is fine with others contributing posters for the Wayside Pulpit like Lillian did for December.  Bev is willing to be the point person. 

Jorie volunteered to do a poster for Earth Day for the April Wayside Pulpit.  Poster size is 40 inches wide by 28-30 inches high. 

Action Items

Alex – send Google docs link of the PC Minutes to Jan once approved.  Teach Lori how to send the link.

Martha – contact Tovis to request a thank you note to Jen B-D for help in the Sunday morning Breakout Rooms.

Jorie – check with FedEx in Redwood City about printing posters and the cost.

Jorie – talk with Lillian about how PC can help recruit teachers for next year.

Next meeting:  Tuesday, April 16, 7 pm.  Future meetings on first Tuesday of the month.


Sunday Services Report from Martha – Cluster meeting report: February 21, 2021    Music and Worship Committees

Worship Committee

  Successes:  Added a few new members
                        Has a new projection leader who is scheduling and training
                        Connections Committee took over duties for Chat & Admitting

  Challenges:     Saturday rehearsals require an additional time commitment
                       Operating without a Chair, but it’s mostly working well

Music Committee

  Successes:       Choir has continued to perform in Covid times!
                        Membership has remained constant, in spite of Zoom
                        Choir members have recorded songs that are stored and can be used on short notice

  Challenges:     If themes for services aren’t planned several months in advance, there’s not sufficient time for the choir to rehearse well.
                        In Covid times, “every Sunday is Second Sunday”, meaning that Dawn works with others to present a coherent musical program.        

**Worship Committee includes Program Council Cluster Rep on minutes distribution, so
I feel better informed about their work, without attending the meetings.

Faith Formation report from Jorie:
UUFRC Faith Formation Cluster Quarterly Meeting Report to Program Council

Attendees: Jorie Schulz (Faith Formation liaison to the Program Council), Rev Brian Ferguson, Lillian Svec (Director of Youth And Families, dYAF), Julia Mogilev (Chair of Learning Journey Committee), and Rachel Taylor (Chair of YAF)

The Learning Journey committee started working again in Dec 2019with Julia as chair. They committee has sponsored 3 successful classes/workshops and there will be one or two more before June. The LJ is going to start planning for Fall classes. They have been working on updating the website. One disappointment is the lack of enthusiasm for the Beloved Conversations class. The committee will continue researching for an anti-racism/anti-oppression class that might serve the congregation to offer in the Fall.

Youth and Families committee has committed members w/o much bandwidth (i.e. parents with young children).

  • Attendance at virtual RE classes has begun to shrink. Perhaps due to ZOOM exhaustion.
  • The LJ class for parents was timely, helpful, and well received.
  • Planning for bridging for seniors has started.
  • The monthly time for all ages activities have been fun. Rev Brian would like to continue after the pandemic, dYAF does not have the bandwidth. (volunteer need).
  • Planning has begun for Fall; teachers are needed. List of who has taught in the past.
  • Planning for OWL and curriculum for next year has started.
  • Do we want to sponsor summer COVID safe activities for YAF and/or whole congregation? For example, a beach cleanup day?
  • YAF is working on updating website (having to track down permissions for photo use is holding them up.
  • Would love to develop a youth group starting next year, however this needs  more staff or a very committed volunteer group.

Volunteers and Support needed:

More support for families is desirable.
Time for all ages monthly activity, create a task group?
Need a leader for Covenant Groups

Eduardo Pretell: Men’s Group
1st and 3rd Tuesdays Private ZOOM account
8 members (5 to 7 per session) open to new members

Jorie Schulz: Women’s Group
2nd and 4th Thursdays 7 pm UUFRC ZOOM
16 members (7 to 12 per session) open to new members

Elizabeth Rossi:
3rd Saturday morning 10am, UUFRC ZOOM account
Currently 4 or 5, open to new members

Elizabeth Chitouras:
1st Tuesdays 7pm, UUFRC ZOOM account
Currently 5 to 6, open to new members

Marina Rose & Veronica Palmer
1st and 3rd Mondays 7pm to 8:15pm, UUFRC ZOOM account 7 members