Program Council Meeting Minutes from August 20, 2020

UUFRC Program Council Minutes – August 20, 2020, 7 pm, via Zoom

Attendees:  Alex, Lori, Marina, Ellen, Tovis, Martha, Rev. Brian

Minutes of July meeting – approved.

Reviewed action items:

            Ellen joined the COVID19 task force.

            Alex added all committee members to the PC Google Drive.

            All other action items completed.

Cluster Group update:

            Marina suggested that we could hear from each Cluster every month with a brief summary, and then a more in-depth report, about 5 minutes, from two clusters. Two clusters to report each month.  Report could include major activities for each committee in the cluster and in particular, what help do they need.  For September it will be Faith Formation (Marina) and Operations (Alex).

Marina suggested that if chairs of committees need Zoom accounts to conduct meetings, they could let Communications Committee (Marina) know. 

Role of Liaison:

            Each month make a quick phone call to chairs to check in.  Especially in this time of SIP and the building being closed give support to committees from PC.

            Report back to committee chairs about what is going on in other clusters/committees.  General knowledge to help break down silos. 

Opportunities to volunteer:

            Newsletter – coming out every other month beginning 9/13/2020.

                        Discussion followed regarding the goal and purpose of the newsletter, about the Blog, what is posted on the website, role of communications committee in relation to the newsletter. Questions about who is writing the articles, how will it be sent out, additional clarity about the project.  Action item to follow up.

            Zoom Coordinator – Josh Moore needs more volunteers.

Discussed changing the “Volunteer” link on the website to “Opportunity to Serve”.

Messaging about Program Council

            Rev. Brian suggested that we need a way to educate the congregation about the role and purpose of PC.  Need a clear, concise message.  For example, which issues/requests should be brought to the PC and which should not.

Leadership Training update:

Marina reported that there were a few minor problems with the recording and it will be re-recorded.   Feedback was that the participants learned something. 

Google Drive:

There is an updated Cluster Chart was an Excel spreadsheet with an Edit feature available.  Committee members can add names of chairs, etc. 

Tabled until next meeting:  Jan requested that the Minutes of PC meetings be posted on the website.  Marina offered to edit and summarize the Minutes for website posting.  Questions about access to the Minutes for UUFRC Members only and adding a link to them in the e-bulletin.

Action Items:

All – Encourage all chairs to look at the Leadership Training video.  Focus is on managing during the pandemic.

All – add a One-pager from your cluster each month.  Offer it as an opportunity to get involved. 

Ellen, Alex, Marina & Jen Gill – set up a meeting to discuss goal of getting volunteers and/or people connected.  For example, coordinated volunteers for a possible Virtual Auction. 

Marina add RACI discussion to the September agenda.

Alex – Before September 13, coordinate a conference call with Brian, Marina and Beth Harrison about what she envisions for the newsletter.

Alex – ask Jan about the process of posting the Minutes to the website.

Marina – inform the Communications Committee that we have more One-pagers to post on the website.

Ellen – Consult with Worship committee & Rev. Brian about making an announcement regarding the need for volunteers in specific areas, such as for Zoom.

Next meeting:  September 28, 2020 at 7 pm.

Submitted by Lori Longo