Program Council Meeting Minutes from April 6, 2021

UUFRC Program Council Minutes 2021_04_ 7:00 – 8:30pm via Zoom

Attendees:  Alex, Lori, Ellen, Martha, Jorie.  Absent:  Rev. Brian, Tovis

Guest:  John Cooney

PC Cluster Groups 

Operations (Alex): Building, Committee on Ministries, Communications, CUUE

Congregational Life (Lori):  Caring, Connections

Justice & Outreach (Ellen):  Roosevelt Tutoring, Social Action, Interfaith

Sunday Services (Martha):  MOCA, Music, Worship

Faith Formation (Jorie):  Chalice Circles, The Learning Journey, Youth & Family

Governance (Tovis):  Board of Trustees, Program Council, Finance, Personnel, Stewardship

March Minutes approved.

Chair Update – Alex will do the Committee Spotlight on April 18 with Jen G. asking questions.

Auction team is asking for help scheduling dates for future auctions.  PC brainstormed several options and considered possible conflicts with Pledge Drive.  Suggestion to create a Task Force to develop a new idea for different kind of fund raiser for Fall 2021.  Auction again in Fall 2022.

PC will make an effort to offer support to our current Auction Chairs.

PC Auction donation is a Strawberry Freezer Jam making in person event on July 18th.

Cluster Updates 

Ellen, Justice and Outreach -Gave a report, there was one volunteer need.  PC discussed how to get SAC and the congregation together.  Learning Journey is combining programing with SAC.  

Rev. Brian commented that we need to be more strategic about communication opportunities and be more focused on what we want to concentrate on. 

Tovis – report from Governance Cluster:
Finance Com: working to prepare a “Strawman” budget for the Town Hall Meeting on April 25th.

Board of Trustees:  A Strategic Plan Task Force has been formed, with Polly Ragusa serving as facilitator.  They met this week for the first time. Board will form a Task Force to help with visioning process regarding RE.

Annual meeting is May 23rd.  Nominating committee, headed by David Stoutamire, will form a      slate for BoT positions.

Lori – Congregational Life:  Met with chairs of Pastoral Care Team, Connections, and Caring to find ways to work together, such as who is providing meals when and for what needs. Pastoral Care Team did a training for staff and 8 team members.

Jorie, Faith Formation:  Wayside Pulpit poster reviewed.  Added website and more words to the poster.  Cost $45 for reusable poster.  PC highly approved of her design.  Future posters – be succinct and support our mission and vision.  Ask committees to create one every other month.  Starting in August-September, PC will place a poster encouraging people to come and visit now that we are starting in person services.  Poster expense will be recorded as a ‘negative expense” since PC does not have a budget.  Sent Lillian a list of previous RE teachers.  Effort to support the parents of RE kids by asking others to volunteer to teach classes on Sundays.

Alex, Operations: Board is looking for recommendations from PC about online ministry.  What is the sense of the congregation?  The Video Task Force has a plan for purchasing equipment.  BoT will make the final decision.  Martha reported that Worship would expect some online presence going forward.  

Discussion – Planning for next year

Church year end is June 30th.  PC members serve for a 2 year term.  Alex volunteered to be chair next year.  Lori and Martha will serve their second year.  Jorie will tentatively commit to continuing.  Tovis is going off, which means we need a BoT member to join PC.  Ellen has served 2 years and not continuing. 

Need to fill 2 openings, maybe 3, for next year.  Contact chairs in justice & Outreach cluster to see who would volunteer to be on PC.  

Action Items

All – Get feedback from all committee chairs in our clusters about pros and cons of continuing Zoom, perhaps a hybrid model, when we resume in person services in the Sanctuary.  

Alex – contact current Auction team about how we can support them.  Share with them the ideas for a different type event for Fall 2021 fundraising event.

Alex – Enter PC auction donation in to the form.

Ellen – call Sara Morgan re: Fair Oaks volunteering & at Second Harvest Fridays.  

Martha – Connect Worship Committee with SAC to find the strategic focus to present at a service, and follow up that service with action for the whole congregation.

Jorie – print up the poster.  Follow up with Debbie M about recommendations for future Wayside Pulpit posters.   SAC could do one for June/July. 

Ellen – Send out a note to cluster chairs and members asking for volunteers to serve on PC.  Report back to Alex.  

Next meeting – Tuesday, May 4th,  7 – 8:30pm.