Program Council Meeting Minutes from February 16, 2021

UUFRC Program Council Minutes 2021_02_16 7-9pm via Zoom

Attendees:  Alex, Lori, Ellen, Tovis, Martha, Jorie, Rev. Brian

PC Cluster Groups 

Operations (Alex): Building, Committee on Ministries, Communications, CUUE

Congregational Life (Lori):  Caring, Connections

Justice & Outreach (Ellen):  Roosevelt Tutoring, Social Action, Interfaith

Sunday Services (Martha):  MOCA, Music, Worship

Faith Formation (Jorie):  Chalice Circles, The Learning Journey, Youth & Family

Governance (Tovis):  Board of Trustees, Program Council, Finance, Personnel, Stewardship

January Minutes approved.

Welcome Jorie.  Thank you for volunteering to be Faith Formation liaison.

Chair Update – Alex

Annual Report- Concern that it takes up time & effort.  Is it useful and worthwhile?  Suggestions that each committee report be limited to one page, use a template for consistency, simplify the process or do it differently (webpage or pdf) to free up Administrator’s time spent on it.  By-Laws do not require an Annual Report.  Rev. Brian suggested that perhaps communication is needed throughout the year; we could try a different approach. 

Action Items Reviewed

Sunday Spotlight featuring PC and BoT- Chris S., Board President, recommended that PC do their own Spotlight that will focus on what we do rather than the differences between BoT and PC.  Make the presentation be about our responsibilities.  For example, PC balances the resources of money, space and volunteers overall, and when a new program or project is proposed.  Idea suggested to start the presentation with questions that congregants may have, and then where to go for answers. 
Find the presentation that Chris did last year.  Gather questions and examples to use.

Cluster meetings:  Tovis used Doodle Poll to schedule it and created an agenda.  Ellen reported that people liked hearing from each other in the meeting and being supportive.  Found the meetings to be worthwhile, even if the committee chairs were reluctant at first.  Probably good to do quarterly.  

Cluster Updates

Ellen (Justice and Outreach) – Roosevelt tutoring on hold for now with only one person doing it.  Social Action Committee identified 4 main areas of focus; working on 3 levels in each one (policy, education, action). 

Tovis (Governance) – Involved with Strategic Plan, Pledge campaign. COVID task force is looking at what will need to be done when we re-open the building and do some form of hybrid services. 
PC discussion about how to re-open:  raising our awareness of the resources required for this.  Hybrid or all in-person service question is a decision for the whole congregation.  A lot of issues to work through on this. 

Jorie (Faith Formation) – C-groups are meeting but still no chair.  Learning Journey has a lot scheduled.  All Ages Activities are really successful with increasing number of people involved each month.  

Lori (Congregational Life) – KIT teams going well.  Pastoral Care Team having first meeting and training next week.


Wayside Pulpit:  Rev Brian recommends that it be used more strategically.  It is good advertising.  With interesting and fresh content, it will intrigue passersby to think about what is going on in this place.  Suggestions – different committees could put something in it/ change it monthly/ use inspirational quotes from other sources/look at DRE’s December poster as an example.  

Scheduling:  Complicated to find an open day/night of the week to add in programming.  Work on leaving one day free of meetings so that Learning Journey classes could find a time to meet.  PC could help coordinate the calendar.  Suggestion to change our PC monthly meeting to Tuesdays.

One pagers/Volunteers:  Ellen & Tovis asked where the one-pagers are collected and how are they used.  PC is supporting getting volunteers and some committees are doing their own asking.  PC helps with the slide on Sundays, announcements in the eBulletin and a personal “ask”.  Are we the best to do the ask or should it be a committee chair or member?  PC can be helpful coming up with a list of names.  Connections Committee also comes up with list of names.  One-pagers are useful as information while asking a particular volunteer. 

Action Items

Alex – speak with Jan, Administrator, to find out her questions and her intent about finding a different way to produce the Annual Report.  Bring next steps to the March PC meeting.

Alex – ask Jan for examples and questions to use for Spotlight presentation. 

Alex – pass along to Tovis who needs to be thanked and recognized.  

Alex – add plans for Wayside Pulpit to the March agenda.  Appropriate for PC to coordinate or Communications Committee?  Also, add to every month’s agenda for liaisons to list volunteer needs from their cluster.

Martha – gather the questions from committee members and from Jan to use as examples in our Spotlight presentation.

All – send possible questions that congregants may have to Martha.

Jorie, Lori, Martha – hold Cluster meetings this month.

Lori – talk with Bev Morgan about the Wayside Pulpit, her ideas for it and how much she wants to work on it. 

Lori – Report volunteer needs that are identified by PC to Connections committee and Jen Gill in order to match people with needs for time and energy. 

Jorie – contact Lillian S. to find out how she printed the “Wayside Journey” poster for the Wayside Pulpit.

Next meeting:  tentatively Monday, March 22nd.  Possibly switch to a Tuesday on-going.