from our President of the Board of Trustees, Robert Holden

Hello from the Board of Trustees (BoT),

The church year has started and we are off to an energetic start. I want to echo the comments already shared by others that I too have noticed many new faces attending our Sunday Services; attendance at Sunday services appears to noticeably up; and the energy level in the Social Hall after services seems to be more vibrant than anything I can recall in the past several years. I take this as strong encouragement that we have a very positive future to which we can look forward.

For me lately, getting our aging dishwasher fixed is turning out to be more problematic than picking a new Minister, but we now have a plan and I am optimist we will have an operating dishwasher in place in the near future. Check out next month’s newsletter to find out if I am correct.

The BoT met recently to discuss and select our priorities for the year. One of our priorities will be to focus on better integrating new members into the community and developing more leadership skills and participation from within the Fellowship. Those might sound like different items, but one should view them as different places on the continuum of the Membership lifecycle.

Another priority we plan to focus on will be community outreach and involvement. We see this as the seeds of growth in participation at the UUFRC. Related to that, we also plan to focus on Religious Education and the resources dedicated to that goal.

If you want to comment on these priorities or, better yet, participate in them, grab the ear of any BoT Member, and share your thoughts and ambitions with them.

With hope for the future and appreciation for efforts given, Bob Holden President – UUFRC Board of Trustees