Nominate Candidates for Share the Plate by May 1

The Social Action Committee will hold an election after the UUFRC Annual Meeting on May 20 to choose ten organizations to receive a ‘Share the Plate’ collection in the coming year: July 2018 through June 2019.

To be eligible to receive a special collection, the group must be a 501(c)3 charitable organization and the nominator must have some kind of personal involvement with the organization (membership, volunteer, financial supporter, etc.).

How to nominate your favorite worthy organization for a special collection at UUFRC:

Write a paragraph of 150 words or less describing the organization and email it to Kaye Bonney ( by May 1.  (Please ask your computer to count the words.)  It helps to tell the charitable purposes of the organization and your own involvement with it.  Both UUFRC members and friends are eligible to nominate organizations. Based upon prior experience, it is best to nominate one charity, but we don’t have a rule prohibiting more.

During the election meeting, you may also wish to give a speech of not more than one minute describing what the group does, why you participate, and why members of our congregation should choose it to receive our offering.