More About Food Distribution at Yaseen

We had a great day December 8. There were 25 UUFRC volunteers for the pre-Christmas food distribution. Special shout-outs to Bev Morgan, this was her one year anniversary of volunteering. Extra thanks to Carol Cross for gingerbread cookies, Martha Beetley for children’s books, and Chris Stovall and John Cooney for leading all the logistics.

Things to know:

  • The next distribution is 7 – 10am, January 26, at Yaseen Foundation, 621 Masonic Way in Belmont.
  • Second Harvest is moving into an online sign up process.
    I will be asking everyone to go online to sign up. There is a form to fill out, but once you are in the system, it will be super easy to check off when you want to volunteer.

Anna Olsen Dyer will be helping us identify 1-2 other local opportunities, since we have lots of help at Yaseen (and some folks need something other than 7:00am on a Saturday).

John Anning