May Musings from your Connections Coordinator


What does being a member of this Unitarian Universalist Fellowship mean? If you’ve become a member, what is it that made you decide to join? This is a deeply personal decision, one that requires thought and intention; it’s a different journey for each person.

I joined UUFRC in 2003, after attending for more than two years. I needed time to explore, feel safe, and believe that I had gifts to contribute to this new faith. Becoming a member was a big deal to me. So big that when I was ready to join, I wanted to do it publicly by signing the Membership Book in front of the congregation. My signature in that book was an acknowledgment of the importance of this faith and place in my life: I am a Unitarian Universalist and UUFRC is my beloved home.

My commitment to this faith and congregation continues to deepen. I would go so far as to compare it to a marriage. It’s a relationship that I am committed to through thick and thin, good times and difficult times. Relationships take work, which is not always easy, but what I receive in return is well worth it. I am always learning and growing with you in endless ways and possibilities, as long as I stay open and committed.

We have members in this congregation who joined less than a year ago, all the way up to those who joined more than 40 years ago and are still active in the Fellowship. In celebration of those who have been with us for 25 years or more, please extend a hand of thanks and gratitude to: our longest time member Fran Keller (46 years), as well as Barbara Rosenaur (42 years), Jonelle Preisser (34), Geri and Bill Kennedy and Frank Montoro (30), Carolyn Chaney (28), Linda Fung (27) and David and Leslie Vallerga (26 years). This is truly commitment through thick and thin!

We will be holding an Ingathering of New Members ceremony during the service on Sunday, June 3rd. If you have thought about becoming a member of UUFRC, I invite you to come and talk with me. I would love to hear your thoughts about membership, your hopes and dreams for being a part of this community and faith, and any questions you may have.