May Board of Trustees

Hello from the Board of Trustees:
The big focus for the Board of Trustees (BoT) in May is our Annual General Meeting on Sunday, May 20 in the Sanctuary after services from 12:00 – 1:00.   We will be voting on several issues:
•    The proposed Vision, Mission, and Covenant
•    Our proposed budget for the upcoming fiscal year (July 2018 to June 2019)
•    Two new BoT members
•    Two new Denominational Affairs Members
•    “Share the Plate” recipients for the upcoming year
Please plan to attend.  We, at a minimum, need to satisfy our Bylaw-stated quorum requirement of twenty-five percent of all eligible voting Members in attendance.  More importantly, we need to have as many voting Members in attendance as possible to live up to our 5th UU Principle of “The right of conscience and the use of the democratic process within our congregations and in society at large.”  Childcare will be provided.  Accompanying meeting materials will be mailed out on May 3.  Please plan to attend.
Our annual Pledge Drive wrapped up in April.  Thank you to Chris Stovall and Jo Mutch for their terrific efforts as our Pledge Drive Co-chair-people this year.  We surpassed our pledge totals from last year.  Hooray!
We, however, are still a bit short of the income needed to accommodate the rising costs of operating in the San Francisco Bay Area.  As of mid-April, we have about a $13,000 gap between expected revenues and expected costs, and a couple dozen members that have not yet pledged.
Please note that our Bylaws state that a condition for Membership in the UUFRC includes “making an annual contribution of record to the financial support of the Fellowship.”  Ones’ recommended pledged amount is based on what one is able to pay and the honor system.  If you have a financial hardship and have not pledged, please just coordinate with Rev. Gretchen, and all will be as needed.  If you have not pledged and are not in financial hardship, please remember that we as an organization are challenged financially, and a pledge of any size helps keep our doors open and programs running.
To help bridge our financial gap next year, we are looking for a few volunteers who can help with two goals.  One goal is to increase our facilities rental income.  The other goal is to find about fifteen net new Members.  If you have any experience renting space or with outreach and membership drives, please contact one of the Members of the BoT or Cindy Johnson.
We are also looking for a few individuals to drive forward the “One Big Project” concept for next year.  If that topic interests you, please contact one of the Member of the BoT.
With hope for the future and appreciation of efforts given,
Robert Holden
President – UUFRC Board of Trustees