March All Ages Activity: Bee Kind Seed Bombs

As we move into March and towards the Spring Equinox, the plants around us are blossoming. If we’re lucky, where there are flowers there are bees. Our world depends on bees. Many of the foods we love need bees to turn their flowers into fruit. Sadly, bees are struggling. Some species of bees have become endangered. There are many reasons for this. One is the loss of open space for bees to find flowers. 

The good news is that planting wildflowers can help. In honor of our Seventh Principle, Respect for the interdependent web of life, for March’s All Ages Activity, we’re going to plant wildflowers. California poppies to be specific.

Our activity is to make seed bombs. Seed bombs are small balls, about as big around as a quarter, made from potting soil, powdered clay, seeds and water. 

You mix the dirt and seeds up with a little water and make them into clay balls. After they dry, you can gently toss them into your garden or into wild or forgotten places to plant poppies. The clay balls protect the seeds from getting eaten. Once it rains, the balls break down and they provide the nutrients the seeds need to sprout. 

In the meantime, go on a wildflower hike, and take photos of the flowers that are currently blooming. Keep an eye out for bees and butterflies. Send us photos of you making your seed bombs and from your nature hike.

  • Click here for pdf of the detailed instructions.
  • Come to UUFRC Monday, March 1 through Monday, March 8, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm and pick up just-add-water seed bomb kits. They will be in a white labeled bucket by the front door on Brewster Street. If you need another time, contact Bev Morgan.
  • Email photos to Erika Pretell by Wednesday, March 10 of you and your seed bombs and from your nature hike (horizontals work best).
  • Come to the service on Sunday, March 21, to see the slide show and hear a related story during the service.

With luck, thanks to our seed bombs, March and April showers will bring more May flowers — flowers for the bees.
Have fun!

— Lillian

Lillian Svec

Interim Director of Youth & Family Programming