About Children’s Programs

At UUFRC, we want our children to develop a strong sense of personal values and to feel confident in expressing and acting upon them. Our goal is for our children to grow up to become responsible adults and to make wise decisions about what to believe and how to live.

Our Religious Education program for children teaches ethical living, our UU principles and heritage, and religions of the world.  We believe that exposure to multiple religious perspectives will increase tolerance and provide our youth with many sources as they build their own theology.

Curriculum Planning

Each church year, the fall trimester begins with a unit on UU identity and values.  Topics can include the Seven UU Principles, UU history, and famous UUs.

In the winter and spring trimesters, we focus on world religions.  We have a three-year rotation for world religions topics:  eastern world religions, western world religions, and the New Testament.  We plan to have the following rotations:

  • Winter/Spring 2018:  New Testament.
  • Winter/Spring 2019:  Eastern World Religions.  In the past we have studied Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism.
  • Winter/Spring 2020:  Western World Religions.  In the past, we have studied Hebrew scriptures and earth-based spirituality, such as wiccan and Native American beliefs.

We attempt to make authentic connections to communities within these religions.  For example, children in 4th to 8th grade have visited a Jewish temple, an Islamic mosque, a Hindu temple, and a Buddhist temple.

Special Focus Programming

Beyond Sunday school, we offer milestone programs: a Kindergarten rite of passage, an Age of Reason rite

of passage (UU Catechism) for 3rd and 4th graders, Coming of Age for 8th to 10th graders, and Our Whole Lives comprehensive sexuality education.

Children & Youth Safety Policy

At the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Redwood City, classes, events and all volunteers are governed by the UUFRC_Child_Youth_Safety_Policy