Reproductive justice and safe families are very important and something we work towards. We create a safe and healthy dialog for children in our faith communities, stressing healthy relationships and body images, tolerance and acceptance. We campaign for just and compassionate laws for family planning and reproductive health.

At the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Redwood City, members fight to further gender equality in our society. Our members participate in the Pacific Central District Women & Religion chapter, organize attending women’s marches together, and speak out on issues important to women and girls in the Bay Area, California, and around the world.

Much progress has been made over the past several decades. But what about the rampant sexism still underlying our culture – women being paid 78 cents on the dollar for an identical job held by a man, the politics of power and sexual assault, the words used to describe powerful women vs powerful men, or the media messages to women and girls about whether they are attractive or capable, or not? Stand up with our UU community and continue working for true gender equality.