January All Ages Activity: Hope Rocks

Help us welcome January 2021 as a time for hope. We’ll be turning the calendar page on 2020, inaugurating a new president, and starting to see vaccines reach more and more people. For 2021, let’s share what we hope for. 

There’s a current fad for people to paint rocks with messages of kindness and leave them in random places to brighten someone’s day. You might have seen them around. Maybe you’ve painted some yourselves.

We’re going to do a twist on this idea—Hope Rocks. 

We’re asking you to think about your hopes for 2021: 

  • Choose one hope.
  • Distill it down to a word, a short phrase, or pictures.
  • Come to UUFRC January 4 through 12, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm and get a rock, acrylic paints and brushes (or use your own).
  • Sketch a design on paper that incorporates your words or pictures.
  • Paint it on your rock.
  • See attached instructions for all the details.

When you finish your painted rock: 

  • Take photos of you and your project for the slide show (horizontals work best) and send them to Erika Pretell by Thursday, January 14
  • Then, bring your Hope Rock back to UUFRC and place it along the path by the sign near the climbing tree ASAP.  
  • Come to the service on Sunday, January 24th, to see the slide show of all the finished pieces.

Together our rocks will help us visualize our hopes for 2021. They will say—to everyone who passes by—that our doors may be closed, but our community and our spirit is strong.

We are a place where Hope Rocks!

Have fun!

— Lillian

Lillian Svec

Interim Director of Youth & Family Programming