Important Member Information for the Annual Meeting on 6/7

Hello Dear Members,

We hope this communication finds you well and super excited for the great happenings within the UUFRC.  In preparation for our Annual Meeting, on Sunday June 7th, below is the agenda (to see what’s coming and how best to be prepared), and attached are 3 documents all which require your important vote.

Please read up, and we look so very forward to seeing you at the Annual Meeting on Sunday, June 7th.  

  • Members running for the Board of Trustees and for the Committee on UU Engagement (CUUE)
  • The proposed by-law changes
  • The proposed 2020-2021 Budget

UUFRC Annual Meeting 6-7-20

1.     Call to Order and review of voting procedures

2.     Opening Words and Lighting Chalice

3.     Ministerial Reflections

4.     Roll Call and Declaration of Quorum

5.     Adoption of Agenda

6.     Remarks by the President

7.     Recognition of outgoing Committee Chairs

8.     Approval of Minutes from the 2019 Annual Meeting

9.     Presentation about UU The Vote

10.  Election of Members for the Board of Trustees

11.  Election of Members for Committee on UU Engagement (CUUE)

12.  Presentation and discussion of the proposed 2020-21 Budget

13.  Presentation and discussion of the establishment of the Program Council

14.  Presentation and discussion of the proposed By Law changes

15.  Closing Words, Extinguish the Chalice and Adjourn

16.  Congregation Life and Faith Formation Clusters to meet to select Liaisons

Below are important docs for the meeting:

Candidate Information

By-Law Changes

Proposed Budget Info