Holiday Blessings

The sudden snap of frost

released the last leaves from our trees;

their lives now fully lost

they float so delicately freed

and, upon landing,

sound the crunching trumpet

of dessication.

How odd that sliding through them,

I am euphoric –

not lonely –

as cold opens the door to holiday cheer,

as well as meteoric

roller coasters of emotion:

sad and sympathetic at pain I see,

joyous at harmony I hear,

quietly grateful for love

echoing throughout the waning year.

May the seasons of light

as we kindle fires, candles, and trees;

the seasons of love,

when we ponder gifts given and received;

remind us of our own worth,

possibilities in others as well as ourselves,

and our resolve to become

what we know we can be

in the year to come.

Blessed Holy Days to you!

(c. G. Woods, 2010)