Woods Working: Happy New Year – Now What?!

The Winter Holidays are over, and winter has set in. I could happily get used to this. We are finally getting rain around the bay and snow in the mountains. Of course, all this has nothing to do with the Transitional Ministry that engages us together in 2018. So read on . . .

Now, we are beginning the second project of Interim Ministry: Cottage Meetings that utilize Appreciative Inquiry to explore what makes you most excited about being part of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Redwood City. You have fifteen meetings possible, facilitated by trained members of UUFRC, to join ten to twelve other folks discussing the experiences that made you feel most successful, most energized about this church. We ask that you only attend one of these meetings so that input from each person is gauged fairly with every other one. Those of you who won’t be in the area will be able to send in Personal Worksheets to offer your feedback.

Your feedback will be brought together by Fair Witnesses who set aside their own agendas to assess your responses as a method to review the Mission Statement you created six years ago. In addition, they will discern what major activity(ies) you might have energy and interest to engage together over the next five years.

The Fair Witnesses will spend early March through early April creating a draft of a new Vision/Mission/Covenant and the possible major new activity that you could activate over the next five plus years. After two Town Halls for you to comment, you get to vote the statement up or down at the Annual General Meeting.

As an Interim Minister, I have been stunned by how enthusiastic ministerial candidates have been about the Vision/Mission/Covenants and Big Ideas created by the congregations I have served. They tell me they get a truly clear understanding of the congregation and the possible match with their own ministry.

All are invited. Please participate.

Gretchen Woods, AIM