Goodbye from Rev. Gretchen

To All at the UU Fellowship of Redwood City:

Dear everyone –

Well, Judy and I survived the bumpy move to Sacramento and are still ironing out the complications that ensued. We do love our home and the neighborhood: so very diverse and friendly!!

There are no words adequate to convey our deep gratitude for the gracious and generous Farewell you all gave Judy and me through our last weeks in service to UUFRC. We just found the BOC gaina yesterday, and it will take months to do justice to all the thoughtful letters, notes, gifts, etc.with which you have blessed us.

Now is the tie for me to disappear, and make lots of space for your new relationship with the Rev. Brian Ferguson. You will all have a piece of my heart, and now he merits the attention you generously gave Judy and me. Chris Sovalls’ appeal for a warm welcome to Brian and his family is echoed by my own. You have chosen the best minister for you, so it is time to begin the collaboration that will create your lovely and loving future together.

Bright Blessings of Love to All,
Gretchen Woods and Judy Finholm