Rainbow Principles: Thoughtful Youth

UUFRC recently hosted a weekend-long gathering of Young Religious Unitarian Universalists of the Pacific (YRUUP), a youth-run (with adult supervision) organization for UUs ages 14-20 from around Northern California.  Included in the activities was the election of their leaders for the next year.  Unfortunately, one person wrote some homophobic and transphobic comments on the back of their anonymous ballot.

One take-away is that we can’t be complacent and think our kids would never do such a thing because we are raising them in the UU tradition.  They are still children who may not understand the impact of such comments and, perhaps because they are shocking, find them funny.

However, the stronger take-away for me was how impressively mature and thoughtful our youth can be.  I believe how we react to adversity is a strong measure of who we are.

The youth leaders decided that, during the next scheduled meeting of touch groups (small groups of about 8 people that check in with each other periodically), people would be told what happened and then have the opportunity to talk about it.  I was impressed because it seemed like precisely the right thing to do.  Trying to find out who did it would be fruitless.  Ignoring it would be wrong.  Talking about it in small groups allowed everyone ample time to express the fear, hurt, anger, and disappointment they felt, meeting the need of the community.  It also exposed the perpetrator to those feelings, and probably helped them see the real impact of their actions.  Thus, the chosen response also probably helped the anonymous perpetrator grow.

We strive to live up to our principles.  I hope I can come as close to doing so as the YRUUP leaders.

Game Day:  Please come to the all-congregation Game Day on March 11 from 1 to 4 pm.  This is a great opportunity for all ages to interact in a fun atmosphere.  Games will be available, and you can bring your own to teach and share.  Pizza will be ordered around noon.  Cost for pizza is $5/person or $20/family.  Feel free to bring drinks/sides/snacks to share.  Be sure to RSVP to Elisabeth Rossi.

See you in church.

– Derby